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Finding Your Voice

Posted on:October 11, 2023

Passion led us here

AI writing is honestly pretty nuts. I already know it is becoming a norm to use AI to write blogs or articles for SEO and other purposes online. So what’s the point of writing yourself anymore?


It comes down to brand. And brand in writing comes from voice. Your voice within your writing is the difference maker right now and in the future.

This is isn’t some new phenomena. Having your own unique voice in your writing has always been important, but educational content didn’t need that as long as it was teaching something. But now, imagine this, you’re trying to learn something new. There is AI written documentation, and an AI chatbot that you can talk to directly about any issues you are having. Why would you ever read anything else?

For the same reason that people watch gamers play on youtube or celebrities do literally anything. That’s because they have their own voice, and even though you can play the same game yourself or read the game wiki, watching PewDiePie or xQc is more fun.

In writing it’s the same thing. You can give me all the AI tools you can think of, I’d still rather take habit advice from James Clear. I’d still rather take Business advice from Paul Graham. I’d still rather take cooking advice from Gordon Ramsay.

The key difference here is the brand that they have built and their voice.

How to find your voice?

Not gonna lie, I typed out this question for myself and the real answer is I don’t know. But I thinkI have the initial steps to get there eventually.

Fact (i think): You are not going to find your voice by thinking it through.

To make progress on this, action needs to be taken. You need to write. And write publicly to see what resonates with the audience.

My Own Voice

It will be an ongoing journey. But for now, I know I’m a bit goofy in my writing, my thoughts are scattered, and the formatting might not be the best. Before this was a negative. Now my bet is that this will be a positive differentiator that makes my writing feel more human.

But my goals are the same.