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Why This Blog Exists

Posted on:April 23, 2021

Computer on desk

Hey, I’m Tadas. If you don’t know me, I am a Flutter Developer, YouTuber, and now Developer Advocate at Agora. This is my blog site, and here is why it exists.

The Reason

All these platforms on the internet are driven by algorithms. And no matter how much you want to not care about them, you still do, and need/want to keep up with them to stay relevant. And even though I have a lot of hobbies other than development I rarely share them.

Each one of these other hobbies does have one similarity. Learning. Learning is what my life is centered around, and it is the main message that I want to share. The reason you have only seen development topics from me is simply that it is the most accessible, easiest to learn something daily, and the algorithms prefer you to niche down.

But, this is my website, my blog, and no algorithm is going to tell me what to write about 😊

The Plan

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. That is the first idea that comes to mind is having “book notes” and “book reviews” for the books that I enjoy reading.

Inevitably there will be some articles about development, since that is what the majority of my work is on, and probably some articles correlating to the videos I make.

But the plan is to separate each type of article by tags. Tags can quickly get out of hand, so the plan is also to keep them to a minimum, so the site doesn’t get cluttered. And if you only care about one of these tags, you can tune into just those, but in my biased opinion, there will be a lot of cool things to learn from it all.

Here’s a list of some of the tags I think could be used:

And although all these topics are different from each other, they do focus on one thing. Learning.

This blog gives me the freedom to branch out.